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Hello HUBloadites,

We bring you another fresh episode of “House Of Lust” for the day.

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Trust you all will enjoy it?

Let continue – No dulling!!!

She tried a lot to convince me, and after a lot of disturbance and pressure, I budged to her requests.

We started hanging out with some rich moguls, Old Fat men who weren’t satisfied with their old fat wives. The routiine was easy, Get a connection, Get some quick s*x, Get them Happy, Get your pay.

Halima was at the top of the log before I came in. She couldn’t contest with me, but I respected her and wouldn’t steal her clients.

One Night, We went clubbing with Halima’s boyfriend and some friends at some club in V.I.

Halima’s boyfriend (Can’t remember his name, but they called him tech) was on my neck and she didn’t even know and I wouldn’t tell her. I didn’t like him even for a quickie and he couldn’t even read the signs.

Halima was talking business with one of the rich guys in attendance, and I was dancing at the VIP table we were located.

One thing, this man never got his eye off me and Halima was getting angry, she didn’t know why all her clients didn’t find her as attractive as me, She was Miss Unilag for chips sake. Being angry, She walked out on him and sat with me.

“You know Birch, I taught you the ropes, you stay underground when I am running some deals or I will get you out of my crew” Halima Said.

“Halima, what’s the fuss about, is it my fault I am hot, Na wa o, I can’t even sit in peace, better get your body in line to having me around, and am not in any crew, I am here Solo”.

Paaarh!!!!!. She slapped me, I was lucky nobody was watching and the music was too loud for it to be heard.

I couldn’t get in a fight with her, she would destroy me and my skin. So I started drinking some champagne.

In a while, I was drunk and started dancing dirty with one of the guys in attendance. He spoke something into my ears and I moved with him to his car.

We were banging in a bit, He kept thrusting so fast like this was his last chance, and I was amazed at his performance.

From the way, my K!ttyC@t felt, I could tell he had a huge J0yst!ck. He placed me in a doggie position, and kept thrusting like he was digging an oil well.

We bleeped for about five minutes and then I heard someone scream. It was Halima, I was banging her boyfriend…..

To be continued.

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